Wood carving is a very special profession. 

Transforming a piece of raw wood into a sophisticated work of art is mentally 

Jeroen finds satisfaction in the physical side of woodcarving and describes himself as a fast wood carver. “Woodcarving, especially fast woodcarving, is an extreme activity, the lines have to come when I imagine them, and not 3 steps later, it’s high-flying sport, for myself. comparable to climbing a mountain like Everest. ”

The model


The choice of wood

The choice of wood is very important. Cedar, oak, walnut or chestnut are durable and easy to handle. Wood is a living organism that adapts to its environment. The choice of a hard or soft wood, depends on where the sculpture will be exposed: inside or outside. Once the wood has been chosen, it must be sawn to the desired length and work can begin.



Once the sculpture is finished, it must be treated with oil to guarantee a long life. Leo still uses 4 coats of Danish oil, and asks his customers to continue processing the sculpture with the same oil. The sculpture retains its beautiful natural brown color and will be preserved for at least 20 years. Varnishing is not an option for Jeroen because the sculpture will not breathe anymore and will start to rot from within.

Practice makes perfect. Anyone can go into woodcarving, provided they have patience and work safely with a chainsaw. Be sure to wear the necessary protective equipment and ask your STIHL dealer for advice. We wish you a lot of fun!



Tips for choosing and buying wood carving gouges. To make his sculpture, the sculptor cuts the wood with sharp metal tools, called gouges. It uses a large number of different gouges, more or less wide, with various profiles. Flat gouges, flat gouges, semi-flat gouges, semi-round gouges, hollow gouges, bent gouges, straight chisels, curved chisels, clasps, gouges against bent, gouges brettées. Which gouges to choose? Which gouges to use? How to hold the gouges? How to sharpen gouges? Where to buy them?


What wood carving tools?

You will also find tips on woodcarving tools needed in a wood carving workshop: workbenches, rasps, sharpening stones, grinding rollers, compass, clamps, presses, sculptor’s screw mallets, sculptor’s vises on wood, spherical vices, saws, rifflers …Released by gouge, the scents of wood are spread in the sculpture studio. Each essence of wood delivers its fragrance. Wood is a living material. By cutting the wood with his gouges, the wood carver gives it another life. Where to find the piece of wood to realize your project? The basic material of the sculptor, the wood, although it is easily available from a wood merchant or recovered from a neighbor, requires a certain number of qualities for sculpture. Some wood species lend themselves well to sculpture, others do not. 

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